A Unique Wine Bar with a Famous History

Perspective Cellars is the birthplace of Chester W. Nimitz, who went on to become the Commander of the U.S Pacific Fleet during World War II. He was one of the Navy’s foremost administrators and strategists, he commanded all land and sea forces in the central Pacific area.

Chester W. Nimitz

This early Fredericksburg home was built in 1866 by Carl Basse. Property of the Henke family since 1873. Heinrich Henke, early German settler and Confederate fighter had ran a butcher counter on the front porch. His wife, Dorothea raised 12 children in the home. One of their daughters, Anna Henke Nimitz gave birth to Chester William Nimitz on February 24, 1885. Little did they know he was destined to command the greatest naval armada in history.

Visit the Pacific War Museum across the street from Perspective Cellars to learn more about Admiral Nimitz.

Our Journey to Perspective Cellars

Andy and Taylor Johnson became the new owners of Perspective Cellars in May 2021 and in that short space of time they have transformed this beautiful and charming historic home into one of Fredericksburg’s most exciting destinations for wine lovers and those seeking a premium tasting experience.

Perspective Cellars is a unique wine bar offering flights from over 65 wines from around the world. The wine list is carefully curated to bring a fantastic array of wines from all styles. Classes are held twice a month, check our events page to view the upcoming courses!

Taylor Johnson

Taylor is a WSET Level 3 Sommelier and spent her formative years working and training in Florence, Italy followed by 7 years in London. Her training has led her to work in Michelin Star restaurants across the world and she has also been involved in the creation of Topping and Legnon Wines, a micro boutique estate winery in Napa Valley California, that produce award-winning wines. It has always been Taylor’s dream to open her own wine bar and Perspective Cellars is truly the place she has set her heart on for so long!

Discover more about Topping and Legnon Wines: www.toppinglegnon.com

Andy Johnson

Andy is a classically trained pianist, composer, songwriter, and producer and has worked in the music industry for the last twenty years. Andy’s debut album of solo piano recordings ‘Winter’s Heart’ has received millions of streams on Spotify and Apple music and Andy has performed sell-out shows in London and Europe as well as numerous concerts in the USA. Andy and Taylor met whilst Andy was working on the Disney Fantasy cruise line in 2012. After living in London for almost seven years they decided to move permanently to Texas Hill Country to raise a family and open their dream wine bar where Taylor gets to pour her favorite wines and Andy gets to play his favorite songs. Andy also has the envious position of ‘Chief Taster!

Discover Andy’s music online: www.andrewjamesjohnson.co.uk